Plan Implementation

No matter how carefully designed, every plan requires skilled implementation and oversight to have an impact. Our work doesn’t end with plan development—we work with our clients to see plans through to implementation. We also monitor them once they’re in place to be sure they’re functioning as they were designed.

Representative Client Matter: A retired widower with approximately $30 million in real estate assets sought a simple estate plan to pass assets to his children. Together, we developed a comprehensive, multi-phase plan: First, we created core estate planning documents on which future planning could be developed. Various real estate holdings were then restructured from general partnership format into LLCs, and governing documentation (shareholder, partnership, and operating agreements) were negotiated and implemented for co-owned properties. A comprehensive estate and gift tax plan was developed, including a gift strategy using grantor retained annuity trusts (GRATs) and other techniques to leverage gifts to the next generation. A combination of outright sales, charitable remainder trusts, and other techniques was used to increase liquidity and diversify the family asset base. Insurance planning and investment planning for the proceeds were all coordinated as well.