Asset Protection Planning Continuum Basics for Estate Planning Professionals

February 21, 2017

Asset protection planning is appropriate for every client, not only the wealthy surgeon or wealthy business owner creating an asset protection trust (APT). With the declining relevance of estate tax planning, and the possible repeal of the federal estate tax, estate planning is being transformed. Maximizing income tax basis on death will only hold modest allure for most clients. However, asset protection planning, is relevant to every client. The construct of an asset protection planning continuum will help estate planners of all disciplines who are not specialized in asset protection planning, and clients, view the process as a progression from simpler less costly steps to more-costly and complex steps. Planning should thus start with the basic levels and proceed upward to the degree appropriate for the particular client and his or her circumstances and budget. Thus every client should have asset protection planning done, the only question is how much. Asset protection planning steps range along a wide continuum that start with many simple and low cost steps (e.g. proper title to assets), more complex steps that require some cost (e.g., creating various LLCs or other entities), to more complex and costlier steps (e.g., common irrevocable trusts), to the most involved planning including asset protection trusts. This practical “how-to” webinar will provide an overview of the asset protection continuum. This webinar is designed for estate planners, as well as general practice attorneys, CPAs, insurance consultants, and wealth advisers, who are not asset protection specialists.