Estate Planning Basics for Consumers (Not Subject to Estate Tax)

July 18, 2017

This is a CONSUMER level course on basic estate planning. This course will help define what estate planning is, and explain why it must be so much more than a mere “will.” Too narrowly defining what estate planning is about will almost assure that you will not achieve your most important planning goals. The program will provide a brief overview and explanation in non-technical terms of the steps many consumers should consider in creating and maintaining their estate and financial plan. Topics will cover organizing and managing your finances (what good is a will if you spend all your money?), working with professionals or even online document providers if you cannot afford professionals, the key documents most people should consider for the estate plan, protecting children, insurance coverage, beneficiary designations and more. The program will be presented at a basic level and will not address the estate tax (the federal estate tax only applies to those with estates over $5M+ so, is irrelevant for most Americans, but proper planning remains vital.