Estate Planning and Charitable Giving after TCJA

March 15, 2018

Course Description: Charitable giving will be hit hard by the new tax law. Estimates are that donations might drop by $14 Billion because of the Tax Cut Jobs Act of 2017. How did the new law change charitable giving? What planning strategies should average donors, wealthy donors, and ultra-high net worth donors pursue? How should development officers reframe charitable giving conversations with prospective donors? How can non-grantor trusts be used to salvage a full charitable contribution deduction? Bunching deductions, donor-advised funds, using IRA distributions, donating appreciated assets, and other techniques will become more common. How should durable powers of attorney, wills and other documents be modified? For the wealthy pursuing estate planning before future adverse changes occur in the tax laws, charitable components can contribute to the planning process: defined value mechanisms, creative uses of CLTs, and more. This webinar will provide creative and new planning ideas to help charities, donors, and their advisers. There are no professional advancement credits (CPE, CLE, etc.) offered for viewing this webinar. SpeakersMartin M. Shenkman, Esq. and Jerome Hesch, Esq. with Jane Ransom of the American Brain Foundation