Estate Planning Retainer Agreements and Engagement Letters

July 12, 2018

Course Description: Retainer agreements (engagement letters) are critical to establish and document the understanding the practitioner has with the client. They are an important step that practitioners can take to identify expected actions and protect practitioners from a myriad of potential issues, or worse ethical problems or suits. What should practitioners consider including in a retainer agreement? How has technology changed the issues that might be addressed? Are text messages an issue? Why is it important to communicate billing practices? What options are available in doing so? What special precautions might be considered and addressed when representing married couples? Should practitioners consider warning clients about their obligations and responsibilities in the estate planning process? What caveats might practitioners consider inserting into the agreement? When should agreements be revisited? What are the logistics of retention and conflict waiver agreements? Are there benefits to addressing the practitioner’s obligations? The webinar will discuss  many practical considerations and clauses that practitioners might consider. There are no professional advancement credits (CPE, CLE, etc.) offered for viewing this webinar. Sponsors: Interactive Legal and Peak Trust Company