Life Insurance Planning Opportunities in Early 2020

January 23, 2020

How do the new fiduciary rules impact your life insurance recommendations (and discussions with clients about their life insurance)? Ethical Considerations of NYS DFS Reg 187, FINRA Rule 2210, New CFP Practice Standards and the UPIA Relating to "Decision Support Material" used by life insurance producers and attorneys CPAs and RIAs in the life insurance decision process. What the "clients best interest rule" means for life insurance product recommendations. Why you need to make a careful, skilled, prudent, and diligent evaluation of costs, performance, and risks relative to benefits. What does the Society of Actuaries and the OCC have to say about life insurance comparisons? How do these Regs create a new business opportunity for RIAs, Attorneys, CPAs? What is the role of life insurance in retirement planning after the SECURE Act? Which life insurance strategies make sense in the current low-interest-rate environment? What is the impact of the new regulation on reportable policy sales and transfer for value? What is the best use of the $11.58 million gift tax exemption in life insurance planning in 2020 and should we use it now in anticipation of possible reductions? What is the life insurance opportunity for closely held C corporations in the current tax environment? What might the Democratic proposals for estate tax changes mean to insurance planning? Consider how a $20,000/donor annual exclusion would change life insurance planning. *This may constitute attorney advertising. *There are no professional advancement credits (CPE, CLE, etc.) offered for viewing this webinar but a certificate of attendance will be provided. Speakers: Steven S. Zeiger, CEBS, TEP, Lee Slavutin, MD, CLU, AEP and Martin Shenkman, Esq. Sponsor: Interactive Legal and Peak Trust Company