Estate Planning: Why Every Estate Planner Needs to Urge All Clients to Use Their Wealth Transfer Exemptions Now

February 28, 2020

Jonathan Blattmachr and Martin Shenkman will share the most efficient ways to use high gift and GST exemptions. These exemptions are scheduled to be halved after 2025, and may be cut back sooner by legislation.

Estate planning is always an exact science. Political sentiment changes, budget priorities shift, and fiscal realities set in.

Because of the inherent uncertainties, estate planning professionals should urge clients to take advantage of favorable conditions while they can.

Blattmachr and Shenkman will share how to use these exemptions now, while being able to continue to benefit from the property transferred.


JONATHAN BLATTMACHR, Director of Estate Planning at Peak Trust Company

MARTIN SHENKMAN, Founder of Shenkman Law

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