Achieving Peak Performance in a Challenging COVID World: Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World

April 20, 2020

Gain insight from a leading authority on mindfulness, and the role it plays in achieving peak performance. Learn techniques to improve the power of presence, and focusing that energy in ways to fuel personal and professional performance. Learn how mindfulness techniques can unlock peak performance even during this difficult time. Our modern “connected” culture leaves individuals disconnected and unfulfilled and preoccupied with things that do not allow us to maintain balance and top professional performance. Advisers often feel isolated, with no one they can turn for the support they need to attain peak performance.

Learn about breaking down the barriers between the “dining room and board room.” Nationally-recognized mindfulness expert Cassandra Carlopio, will take all attendees through a mindfulness training exercise to demonstrate how high performing individuals can find balance, and achieve peak performance. Mindfulness Training can empower you to make a conscious choice on where your attention is directed and help you manage choice and control. State Training teaches you how to put your body and mind into the optimal state for any situation, shifting from a stressed state to a relaxed state through evidence-based techniques. Through Attention-Training and State-Training, emotional intelligence naturally starts to increase. When we develop the ability to direct attention with deliberateness and intention, and the reactivity to emotions decreases, we can develop the ability to recognize emotions internally for what they are, and then pay attention to them in others.

Speakers: Ben Utecht - Chief Performance Officer, SuperBowl Champion, Speaker/Author; Cassandra Carlopio – psychologist, mindfulness expert; and Martin Shenkman.

Sponsors: Interactive Legal and Peak Trust Company.

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