Estate and Related Planning Today: A Tasting Menu of the Upcoming 47th Annual Notre Dame Tax & Estate Planning Institute

August 31, 2021

This will be a fast-paced review of a wide range of practical planning ideas including: Freeze planning for GST exposed trust and QTIP trusts; Installment sales to non-grantor trusts; Mathematics of charitable planning;  Creative planning considering the changing political landscape; Beneficial interests in trusts and dissolution of marriage; Strategies to avoid ethical issues in estate planning; Diversity equity, and inclusion- practical tips; SLAT tips; ERC and PPP; Agreements that protect clients and advisors:  inheritance agreements, siblings agreements, and agreements with caretakers; and more!! The Notre Dame Tax & Estate Planning Institute will be broadcast virtually in October. This webinar will give practitioners a preview of some of the many topics to be address at this year’s Institute.   Now in its 47th year, the Notre Dame Tax & Estate Planning Institute virtually brings together 38 speakers from around the US to present on cutting edge income and transfer tax issues, fiduciary accounting, diversity and inclusion, family law, and more.  The Institute’s blend of sophisticated income tax planning with estate planning concepts and techniques will add value to your practice.   Speakers: Jerome Hesch, Esq, Jonathan Blattmachr, Esq. Alan Gassman, Esq., Sandra Glazier, Esq., Christopher Denicolo, Esq., Todd Angkatavanich, Esq., Martin Shenkman, Esq. and perhaps others. Sponsor: Interactive Legal There are no professional advancement credits (CPE, CLE, etc.) offered for viewing this webinar (but there are for attending the Institute). Featured Charity – American Cancer Society