Human Aspects of Estate Planning

April 14, 2022

What should clients and practitioners do to be certain that vital personal goals and objectives, especially the ones that might be tough to talk about, are discussed and addressed in the estate and related planning? How can this be done at meetings, web meetings and more. The program will discuss a variety of human or personal considerations of estate planning including: integrating religious considerations into planning, address health issues in the plan, how to address disparate distributions to heirs? Is “equal” the same as “equitable” and how might you address different needs of heirs, etc. What about an LGBTQ heir? How might you craft special trust provisions to protect their interests, privacy and rights and reduce the risk of court appearances? Over 200 anti-Sharia bills have been introduced around the country. What mechanism might protect the interests of a Muslim client? Addiction challenges are common (alcohol, drug, theft, gambling, etc.). What can be done to protect and help heirs with these challenges? Business succession and asset protection planning and other topics are explored.   Speakers: Martin M. Shenkman, Esq. and Alan Gassman, Esq.