Holistic View of Special Needs Planning: Conversation with Bernie Krooks

May 28, 2023

Special needs (and elder law) planning is vital to consider for most if not all clients. This presentation provides a practical and comprehensive discussion of important practical issues that affect special or supplemental needs planning. Which trusts should include special needs provisions (answer – all of them)? What role can the general estate planning attorney, wealth adviser, and other members of the advisor team play when a client is addressing the challenge of a special child? When should a general estate planning attorney bring in a specialist in this area to assist? How might that relationship work? Which attorney would handle which aspects of the planning? Are there situations when the general practice attorney might opt to turnover the entire matter to a special needs expert? What are the attorney’s ethical obligations in these matters? Practical real-life examples of all these and other issues will be presented. This is not a typical special needs planning webinar that focuses on technical details of a third-party special needs trust, etc. Rather, it is a somewhat informal discussion with one of the country’s leading special needs attorneys, Bernie Krooks, who shares a wealth of insights and thoughts that will be invaluable to practitioners of all experience levels and all professions.   Speakers: Bernard A. Krooks, Esq. of Littman Krooks LLP, with Martin Shenkman, Esq.   *This may constitute attorney advertising. * No CPE, CLE, etc. is offered but a certificate of attendance will be provided.