Corporate Transparency Act: Deeper Dive

January 5, 2024

There have already been many webinars discussing the Corporate Transparency Act (“CTA”) so this webinar will build on that foundation and take a more detailed “deeper dive” into what everyone (practitioners, Reporting Companies, Beneficial Owners, trustees, etc.) might consider in dealing with the CTA. We’ll start with a quick overview of the CTA (a brief review of terminology so that even if you have missed prior CTA programs you will be able to follow the discussions). How might professional firms adapt to dealing with the CTA? This will include notifying clients, modifying engagement agreements, update intake procedures, updating existing client documents, updating forms, understanding whether and when to handle CTA reporting. The just issued new FAQs will be discussed. We’ll have a detailed discussion about the practical issues Reporting Companies will face when Beneficial Owners do not want to provide required information. What leverage will Reporting Companies have? What can officers who might face liability do? This program will delve deeper into dealing with the CTA and not just summarize the new rules. The focus will be on discussions of the panelists to present different points of view and different ideas.   Speakers: Chris P. Lauer, Abigail O’Connor, Jonathan G. Blattmachr, and Martin Shenkman.   *This may constitute attorney advertising. * No CPE, CLE, etc. is offered but a certificate of attendance will be provided.